Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin 1812-1852

A painting of Pugin by an unknown artist

Architect and Designer

Great Britain's foremost architect and designer of the nineteenth century, a man with extraordinary talent, verve and perspicacity. A man who believed in himself, and harboured a passion for Gothic and the Roman Catholic Church.
An animated pony and trap

His Life

Time Line The Man Close Family Family History
Home Life Political Era His Team His Sons
Contempories Pre Pugin Post Pugin Ramsgate
Domestic houses
Big Ben

His Work in Kent

The Grange St. Augustine's St. Augustine's Abbey

His Work in Staffordshire

Alton Towers Alton Castle St.John's St.Giles' Cheadle

His Work in Leicestershire

Grace Dieu Manor St. Marie's Church Mount St. Bernard
St. Mary's Wymeswold

His Work in Warwickshire

Bilton Grange

His Work in London

St. George's Cathedral St. Thomas's St.Joseph's Parliament
Farm St.

His Work in Birmingham

King Edward's St. Chad's Oscott Handsworth

His Work in Lancashire

Scarisbrick Hall Oswaldcroft

His Work in Hertfordshire

St. Edmund's College

His Work in Surrey

St. Nicholas, Peper Harrow Oxenford Grange, Peper Harrow Albury

His Work in Dorset

Rampisham Rectory

His Designs

Tiles Fabric Wallpaper Church Plate Stained Glass
Wallcoverings Gargoyles/Carvings An Original Furniture Metalwork

Hard Work In A Short Life

His prolific work can be seen all over England, Scotland and Ireland. He managed to achieve more in his short life than most of us do in a normal lifespan, as can be seen in his brief time line. He was married three times and had eight children; dying finally at the age of forty from exhaustion.
Pugin's home in Ramsgate
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