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View from St. Augustines Monastery garden to St Augustines Church, Ramsgate
Bilton Grange is a fine example of Pugin's domestic architecture
St. Mary's Short history and colour picture
Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Cork Another of Pugin's magnificent designs
Catholic Supersite a detailed look into Pugin's life, inc. books and places to visit
Armchair Travel Co. Ltd.,This site contains information for anyone visiting London, and has some good information about the Houses of Parliament.
St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Newcastle. Designed by Pugin and built between 1842-1844. It became a Cathedral in 1851.
Ecclesiological SocietyThis is a fascinating site for anyone who loves all aspects of churches containing amoungst other things information on sites on a church in a deserted medieval village, cast iron grave markers and Lithuanian wooden churches. Worth a visit.
The Guild of Our Lady and St. LukeThis site is dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the Catholic heritage in art and architecture. A well laid and interesting site.

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