The Pugin Society

Registered Charity, number 1074766
committee members at a society meeting held at 8 week intervals The society was formed in 1995, to celebrate the buildings, decorative designs and writings of the great nineteenth century architect, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin.

The Pugin Society are a group of like minded people, intent upon promoting the life and works of this extraordinary and prolific man. They hold talks, lunches, lectures, tours, exhibitions and visits. In 1996 they visited Pugin attractions in North Staffordshire and in 1997 they visited Birmingham and surrounding areas. In 1998 the yearly visit was to Leicestershire, and in 1999 they went to Liverpool and Manchester. In 2000 they visited Hereford and Worcester.

committee members at a society meeting

The Pugin Society endeavours to preserve, protect and guard Pugin's precious gifts for our heritage.

With their enthusiasm they have bought Pugin to the local people. They have awoken public awareness of a time when Britain had reason to be be proud of its architecture. The society is open to anyone interested in Pugin and the Gothic revival.

If you need more information about The Pugin Society, membership, activities, trips, excursions, lectures etc.

Please send an E-MAIL to:

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